What’s all the hype about Instagram video?

On June 20, 2013, Instagram introduced a video-sharing feature which lets you record 15-second videos and add 13 different kinds of filter effects to them. As a BlackBerry user, I was (and am still) not sure how exciting this new addition is and was wondering what all the hype is about it, so I decided to look into what everyone is saying about it on social media.

I used Topsy, one of my favorite analytics tools I’ve been using for quite a while, to investigate conversations about Instagram video.

First, I typed the URL of Instagram’s blog entry on the video feature and found out that the link has been shared 16K times so far as of June 22, 2013 and 548 influencers have tweeted the link so far. When you type the URL of an article or a press release, you’ll find that most people tweet the title of the page with the link, which is not a good way to gather people’s opinions on something.

Screenshot of Twitter Trackbacks for Introducing Video on Instagram on Topsy

So, to find out what everyone thinks about the video feature, I typed two keywords, “Instagram” and “video.” When you type a keyword(s) on Topsy, you’ll see a different page than the one you see when searching for a URL. The below image is the result page of tweets for the past two hours when I did research. On the left column, you can see how many times the keywords have been tweeted for a variety of time periods and other metrics.

Screenshot of the result page of Instagram and video on Topsy

The first thing I noticed is that many people have mentioned Justin Bieber. It seems that he uploaded a video onto his Instagram account a couple of days ago.

*prayer circle for justin to do an Instagram video on stage tonight* pic.twitter.com/G6etYK6ORS

[tweet 348553415820967936 hide_media=’true’]

And it looks like one of his videos is the first Instagram video to reach 1 million views.

First Instagram Video To Reach 1 Million Likes Stars Shirtless Justin Bieber http://on.mash.to/14Qnyu2

[tweet 348583435268403201 hide_media=’true’]

OK, these are not what I am looking for. Move on.

Someone has already made a slideshow about how to use Instagram video for business. Will check it later. Various media have tweeted articles regarding this new feature. So this is a big change in Instagram.

Instagram Video: 5 things brands should know: http://slidesha.re/12i0vmm  via @marshallwright

I also found one tweet saying a good thing about Instagram video and another making a suggestion about the timeline. I agree that having a tab for videos and pictures would be nice. Let’s see what Instagram will do about the interface.

Loving the Instagram video feature .. It keeps the vid in your photo library 15 seconds you can delete a section if it didnt turn out right

Instagram should make a Video and pictures tab so we don’t have to look at them both on one timeline.


Then I realized that a number of people compare Instagram with Vine.
(* To those who are not very familiar with Vine, Vine is also a popular video-recording app.)

Vine has better video quality but instagram has longer videos. Hmmmm.

I refuse to update my Instagram app. I hate the Instagram video. Long live vine.

One of my biggest pet peeves with Vine and Instagram Video apps: inability to mute and film silently.

While reading the tweets about Instagram vs. Vine, I began wondering what the difference is between them, so I searched for “Instagram” and “Vine.”

CNET has a great article regarding the comparison between the two. So basically, as the title of the article says, they’re apples and oranges. The features of each tool are very different and appeal to different types of people.

Why Instagram video and Vine are apples and oranges http://cnet.co/1azm21Z

[tweet 348416504150249472 hide_media=’true’]

Instagram just started the video-recording feature, so there’s still a long way to go. Instagram differentiates itself from Vine in some ways but hasn’t attracted Vine users or long-time Instagram users yet. It seems that many Instagram users are wondering if the overall quality of content will be dropped, as a ton of video selfies have been uploaded for the first few days since the feature was added. Instagram users love a number of filter effects which can change the look of photos in various ways. But the content of videos cannot be changed by the filters. Let’s see how Instagram will improve this new service.

This research tells me that you can find a variety of different perspectives on something by utilizing analytics tools, which can help to improve your company’s marketing activities. You can search for trends regarding your product/service, customers’ voices, complaints, suggestions, valuable content published by media, etc. Analyzing, measuring and evaluating your marketing activities are the key to a successful campaign.

Are you an Instagram user, Vine user, or both? Which one do you prefer and why? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

I’ll finish my Instagram video tweet hunt entry with a joke I found during my research.

#Vine: “Instagram you ok?”
#Instagram: “Im Vine”
Vine: “What did you say?”
Instagram: “I said I’m fine!”

Thanks for reading. Until the next time!



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6 responses to “What’s all the hype about Instagram video?

  1. I like the last tweet, hah.
    I’m in the anti-instagram video camp…my phone seems to think it should keep playing the audio from them after i’ve closed the app. not exactly enjoyable.
    I liked having photos on instagram and video on vine. Keep things separate, keep things simple.

    • Hi, parisesther! Thanks for your comment. Yeah, during my research I saw lots of people saying Instagram shouldn’t have added the video feature, since Vine is quite popular and better. Also, they don’t like their feeds are now filled with crappy videos. I should be happy not to be able to download Instagram to my BlackBerry, right? 😛

  2. Cute joke at the end : ) and would you look at that, 197 retweets in just a few days. People love a good laugh.
    As for Instagram, I’m also a BB user (pre Z/Q10) so although I’ve heard the preaching from my iFriends, I have not yet seen the light personally. I appreciate your information about the new video function, and for the comparison with Vine. 16,000 shares on this feature huh? Wow!
    Thanks for the notes on Topsy. Very useful to be able to source these stats.

    • Thanks for the comment, jWhite! I liked the joke too. Looks like Instagram needs to improve their video feature, as I’ve seen many users and even media complaining about it. Topsy is a great tool! Give it a try and you’ll love it. 🙂

  3. Great info, here! Will be interesting to see if Instagram takes the feedback seriously enough to make improvements. One can’t help think that they prematurely rushed the video product out to compete with Vine. It’s a competitive world out there!

    • Hi, jy2013. Thanks for your comment! I agree the video app market is really competitive because there are also Vimeo and Telly. Both are great apps too. Maybe a completely new app will take over the market in the future. Who knows? 😉

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