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Top three ways how agencies should blog

Nobody reads agency blogs, and there are so many out there it’s impossible for people to keep up anyway

                    – Sam Weston, Director of Communications at digital agency Huge

Jack Marshall wrote a very interesting entry, “Agencies Ditch Blogs,” discussing more and more agencies stop blogging and start utilizing social media such as Twitter and Facebook to market themselves.

So is it true nobody reads agency blogs? Well, the answer is simple.

No one reads blogs if content is not worth reading. Period. It’s not about who blogs, but what the blog is about.

Look at blogs from Mullen and 6S Marketing, for example. Their blog posts are not only about their business, but also about trends, industry news…something they’re interested in and passionate about. I personally like reading agency blogs from time to time because their blogs are great resources to keep up with marketing trends and learn about how to engage with audience. I’m not saying that agencies who don’t blog are behind trends or not interested in interacting with their audience, but it’s much clearer to visitors including current and future clients or nerds including me that your agency knows how to build engagement and a relationship with their audience.

Then the questions is, how should agencies blog? Here are top three ways of how to do it.

1. Attract current and new clients (plus nerds like me!)

Who are most likely to read your blog? Clients, of course! Don’t just talk about awards and company news as Marshall points out in his entry. These topics will probably bore your audience easily. Tell your clients what you are passionate about, what you are interested in, what you are currently working on, or what your team is like. Let them know what your agency can bring to them. Use your knowledge and skills you’re always using for your clients for your blog. Think how you would blog for your clients and blog that way. You should know how to market yourself if you know how to market your clients.

2. Make your post simple and useful

Titles are the most important element of your entries. They should tell your audience what they’re going to read about. Make titles eye-catching but simple as well. Your content also needs to be not only simple, but also useful. Nobody wants to read long-written, complicated entries. Your clients want to read something which they can utilize for their business. Using numbers and how-to’s (like what I’m doing for this entry) are two of the most popular ways to optimize your blog.

3. Create engagement

Blogging is not about talking to yourself, but offering something valuable to your audience, and they might give something valuable back to you in return. Ask a question at the end of every post. Include your personal experience and ask your audience to share theirs too. Talk to your audience, not at them.

OK, only three ways are not enough, aren’t they? Do you have any other suggestions on how to blog for agencies? Or are you against agency blogs? If so, why? Please share your opinion in the comment box below!



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