Born in a countryside of Japan where most residents are elderly


Went to Vancouver and Victoria for a two-week English course, not knowing I’d go to University of Victoria in the near future


Learned about worm composting in class and got into it

Decided to study Environmental Studies at university but found out there was no school to offer such program in Japan at the time. Screwed.

Made a big decision to go to UVic which seemed a great school to study Environmental Studies (and it really was!)


Graduated from high school and went to Victoria. My mother was more excited to visit Canada in the future than sad about my leaving Japan. Got to love her.


Entered UVic and studied extremely hard


Graduated with a B.A. double major in Environmental Studies and Linguistics and went back to Japan


Started working for an ad agency and created print and online marketing materials for a global electronics company. Always worked around midnight. Sometimes until morning and on weekends. Tough life began.

Had a chance to go to Vancouver for some interviews with Olympic-related people. Was very happy.


Got a call from a client in the States to ask me if I was coming to Vancouver in three days, though I had no idea what he was talking about. Ended up going there for pre-Olympic work. Thought working in the marketing industry was crazy *cough* and so was he. *cough* (I mean in a good way, of course.)


Developed an interest in learning digital marketing in North America and quit my job


Came back to Canada and started living in Vancouver


Taking some marketing courses


Unknown. Hopefully will have a bright one.


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