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Is there too much content around us?


I sometimes wonder if companies are giving customers too much content on the Internet. Some may agree with this, while others may say that there’ll never be too much. As a customer, I’m happy to have access to as much content as possible when making a decision to buy something. I can choose what is valuable to me. If I find something irrelevant to me, I’ll just leave the page. However, as a marketing person, I feel that the more we create, the more customers want.

Will there ever be enough content to satisfy the customers? No, I don’t think so. So should we keep creating more content? Hmm…I guess so.

Joe Pulizzi discusses that having more content is not always better. He states that there used to be “a time for more, but that time has passed.” Because the concept of Content Marketing has now been accepted by a number of businesses, we’re now heading into the next phase, “Epic Content Marketing.”

According to Pulizzi, epic content is something which is shared by customers and people on their networks, makes a lot of buzz on the Internet and encourages influencers to create new content from your content. To stop feeling obligated to create more content, we need to focus on better content creation.

So does that mean we don’t need to create more content?

Here’s a different opinion. Mark Roberge, Senior Vice President of Sales and Services at HubSpot, reveals some of the secrets of their successful website. He claims that “you need both quality and quantity of content.”

HubSpot has done an interesting test to see if the quantity of content affects its quality. As a result, they received more comments, links, and views when posting five entries a day on their blog than only one entry a day. This proves that creating more content is not always ineffective. The more content we create, the more audiences we can reach.

Having read both articles, I think that it is up to customers to make the best of so much content available to them. Because there has been a great amount of content around them, especially for the past few years when social media has been playing a significant role in marketing, they are now used to finding what they want. All we, marketing people, have to do is to create more content which educates customers and are valuable to them. If we keep focusing on what customers want, we won’t create content which doesn’t interest them. Therefore, there will never be too much content for customers.


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